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Planning, Trees and Wetland Restoration

The Parish Council is not a planning authority and as such does not make final decisions on planning applications; this is now the responsibility of the New Forest National Park Authority. However, the Parish Council is a statutory consultee and receives a copy of all planning applications relating to the parish for comment.

Planning applications are normally covered by the Planning Committee under delegated powers at their monthly meeting during the course of the main meetings of the council. Occasionally the Committee meets in between the monthly meetings to deal with applications. Details of the most recent planning applications relating to the parish can be viewed by visiting the New Forest National Park Authority's web site.

Details of local Planning Application recommendations made by Burley Parish Council, along with the reported decisions made by the New Forest National Park Authority, can be seen in the Village Magazine Reports and also in the minutes of monthly meetings.

February 2017 Urgent Tree Safety Works

adobe icon Urgent Tree Works poster [100kb]

adobe icon Tree decay info [706kb]

adobe icon Tree Maps [1Mb]


Harvestslade Wetland Restoration 

Below are copies of correspondence from BPC to the National Audit Office and Information Commissiner's Office regarding Wetland Restoration Projects and the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme:

adobe icon Letter to National Audit Office 25 Nov 16 [486kb] adobe icon Letter to NAO 6th Jan 17 [1Mb]

adobe icon Letter to Information Commissioner's Office [2Mb]

The following are details of communications held by Burley Parish Council in relation to the Wetland Restoration project at Harvestslade Bottom:

adobe icon Planning Meeting Agenda (Harvestslade Bottom) - 24th September 2014 [83kb]

adobe icon Minutes Planning meeting 24th September 2014 [122kb]

The following is an open letter sent by the Chairman of Burley Parish Council's Planning Committee to Bruce Rothnie, Deputy Surveyor for the New Forest Forestry Commission. This requests further information relating to the Harvestslade Wetland Retoration project, under the Freedom of Information Act:

adobe icon Harvestslade FOI request [937kb]

Below is all the correspondence to date on BPC's objection to the Harvestslade Wetland Restoration Project (Most recent at the bottom of the list):

adobe icon FC response to FOI request [6Mb]

adobe icon Fact Sheet [4Mb]

adobe icon Response to FC letter [4Mb]

adobe icon Further response from FC received 23rd May 2016 [14Mb]

adobe icon BPC letter 15th August 2016 [7Mb]

Forestry Commission letter dated 09/09/16 in response to Burley Parish Council letter of 15/08/16 adobe icon FC response to BPC FOI enquiry 9th Sept [1Mb]

BPC letter dated 26/09/16 in response to FC letter of 09/09/16  adobe icon 26th Sept BPC to FC [2Mb]


BPC letter dated 14/10/16 to Forestry Commission in Bristol invoking their complaints procedure: 

adobe icon 14th Oct BPC to FC Bristol [1Mb]

Further information on Harvestslade and the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme is available from the Verderers of the New Forest.


Wootton Riverine Woodland Wetland Restoration

adobe icon BPC response to Wootton Wetland Restoration Planning Application [373kb]

Latchmore Brook Wetland Restoration - Objection by BPC

adobe icon Latchmore Brook objection [457kb]