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Transparency Code: Documents

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Transparency Code Documents 2016-17:


Standing Orders adobe icon Standing Orders [555kb] adobe icon Amendment to Standing Order 3l [112kb]

Financial Regulations adobe icon Financial Regulations 2017 [552kb]

Risk assessment adobe icon Risk assessment [309kb]

Objectives 2015-2019 adobe icon Objectives 2015-2016 [114kb]

Roads and Traffic Objectives 2015-2019 adobe icon Roads and Traffic Objectives 2015-2019 [231kb]

Audit Documents 2015-16:

ANNUAL RETURN 2015-16 adobe icon Annual Return 2015-16 [3Mb]

Notice of Conclusion of Audit adobe icon Notice of completion of audit [555kb]

Internal Audit Report 2015-16adobe icon Internal audit report 2015-16 [77kb]

adobe icon External auditor's report 2015-16 [1Mb]

Asset Register 2015-16adobe icon Asset Register 2015-16 [11kb]

Audit documents 2015-16 adobe icon Audit documents 2015-16 [29kb]

Bank reconciliation adobe icon Bank reconciliation 2015-16 [10kb]

Audit Documents 2014-15:

Asset Register 2015-16 adobe icon Asset Register [210kb]

Budget 2015-16 adobe icon Budget 2015-16 [210kb]

Annual return 2014-15 adobe icon Annual Return 2014-15 [3Mb]

Bank reconciliation 2014-15 adobe icon Bank reconciliation 2014-15 [205kb]

Explanation of variances 2014-15 adobe icon Explanation of variances 2014-15 [150kb]