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Youth of Burley

YoBs (Youth of Burley) is a flourishing youth club for older children and teenagers. Their main meeting is in The Place to Be adjacent to the church between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday evenings where they have games and a wide range of craft activities and refreshments are available. Some of the young people are themselves involved in running the club which is overseen by a number of adults. In addition, the YoBs play football at Avon Tyrrell on Friday evenings and arrange other events from time to time.

Youth Club of the Year Award 2010Youth of Burley are very proud to announce they have been chosen to receive The Youth Club of the Year Award 2010.The selection has been made by Youth Clubs Hampshire and Isle of Wight, a charity that support groups in best practice, training for leaders and young people ,to help them full-fill their potential in a safe, healthy, fun and democratic environment. The selection was made from 130 other groups .Our young people have worked very hard some of them to train as young leaders or as Cat Mark Assessors a scheme run by HCC, where young adults judge clubs on their suitability, democracy etc, if so the clubs are awarded a Cat Mark Award as a sign of quality. On Thursday 21st October 3 adults and 4 young people went to an award ceremony to receive the Shield, our name proudly engraved amongst the fore-winners of the award ,we have also received a certificate to keep as a permanent reminder We would like to thank all our supporters and young people who helped us gain this award as everyone knows awards like this are due to Team effort and we have a great Team!

For more information please contact Diane Henderson on 01425 403739 or 07899946289.