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New code for cyclists for the New Forest

20 December 2013

A group of over 20 organisations has agreed a New Forest Cycling Code for cycling both on and off the road throughout the National Park.

The new code has been developed by the Cycling Liaison Group which aims to facilitate responsible cycling which is in keeping with the special qualities and purposes of the National Park.

Nigel Matthews, Head of Recreation Management and Learning at the New Forest National Park Authority, convenes the group.

He said: 'This is a significant and welcome achievement following a great deal of careful thought and input from numerous organisations. The Liaison Group agreed that in relatively few words, the code highlights the main aspects of cycling within the unique environment of the Forest about which we want to raise awareness.'

The code is available on the National Park Authority website at

The Liaison Group is also working on a charter for event organisers and next meets in February with the aim of finalising the charter by the spring.